Live, unrehearsed clip of when classical meets funk: the totally instrumental "A Fifth of Beethoven" by Walter Murphy, 4/26/17. So honored to be on stage with this all-star cast of amazing musicians: Mandy Faddis - sax, Anne Hauter - trumpet, Mariel Austin - trombone, Steve Ferlazzo - keys, Robbie Gennet - keys, Steve Fekete - guitar, Derek Frank - bass, Jamie Wollam - drums

"Without your love" BY JULES GALLI @Levitt pavilion 7/8/17- backing vocals and violin solo

I am so proud of the utterly amazing Jules Galli and am so grateful to be in this incredible band ( Here we are rocking the first song of our set of original music to a riveted crowd at the gigantic Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena. I am on backing vocals and then have a violin solo halfway through the song. By the end of the night, the entire audience was on its feet, dancing and shrieking the lyrics along with us. This was an absolutely life-changing and unforgettable experience. Arenas, here we come! Thank you so much to Johnny Angel for the wonderful video!

"THANK YOU" BY Led Zeppelin - IMPROV Violin solo

Totally unplanned violin solo at the end of "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin at Ultimate Jam Night in Hollywood when the great Paul Zablidowsky gave me the green light to jam with him and Walter Ino, Mitch Perry, Ben White, Sven Martin and Chris Ralles. Video by Emily Dickinson.

improvised cover of "this woman's work" by kate bush 8/17/17

In a world full of chaos, if you let yourself look for it, there's still beauty in Los Angeles by the ocean at the golden hour. Please enjoy my improvised version of "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush live from Palisades Park earlier this afternoon.

"Blackbird" - VIOLIN + guitar/vocal duet

With Walter Ino (Survivor) @Ultimate Jam Night, Whisky-A-Gogo, Hollywood. Violin arrangement by Koi Anunta.

Playing my custom-modified Fender electric violin with Lakatos Pizzicatos strings generously sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld with NO preamp or EQ through a European-version Roland Street Cube amp (on loan to me by the amazing rock artist Derek Day, that I'm demoing for my upcoming European tour. My normal American stage rig is an LR Baggs preamp into a Fishman Loudbox mini amp. I always use Mogami Gold instrument and XLR cables.

"The rainbow connection"

LIVE, UNEDITED, violin solo


Playing John Williams' "Hedwig's Theme" and "Double Trouble" with the band Blackhaven to a sold-out, standing-room only crowd in downtown LA where the line to get in wrapped around the block. Click here to see the performance featured in LA Weekly. 

Blackhaven @The last bookstore, Los angeles

(2500 attendees)

Totally improvised Gospel version of "Glycerine" sung by the incredible Maiya Sykes ("The Voice") with Nick Rosen & Sayers Sessions.


"Glycerine" by Maiya Sykes

@Sayers club, Hollywood

Headlining sold-out show performing the original music of Elyes Gabel (Roughened Verse) during NAMM, 2015. Tom McGeoch on drums.


@THE MINT, Los Angeles

Having the time of our lives performing a cover of Bittersweet Symphony (by The Verve) with my friend Elyes Gabel at the Sunset Jam @State Social House in West Hollywood, CA. May 9, 2016. :) 







"Life on mars"

with Carmine Rojas (Bassist, david bowie, 1983-87)

@ULTIMATE JAM NIGHT, whisky-a-GOGO, Hollywood

Vocals & keys: Julian Shah-Tayler, Guitar: Steve Dawson, Bass: Carmine Rojas, Drums: Chris Allis. Ultimate Jam Night #88, Whisky A-Gogo. Video by Ann Sunde

Full video of the killer and totally unrehearsed performance of the Jazmine Sullivan song "Bust Your Windows" sung by the incredible Countre Black at The Sunset Jam at the Viper Room 1/23/17. Electric violin: Koi Anunta / Guitar: Matt Beal / Guitar: Daniel Wong / Bass: Chris Evans / Drums: Shaina Keeths / Backing vocalists: Jayme Palmer, Tita Hutchinson.

"Bust Your windows" by jazmine Sullivan

@The Viper Room, 1/23/17

Totally improvised funk violin solo at a house jam in honor of Bruno Galli's birthday! Filmed by the incredible Javier Caso. With Jules Galli.

Funk violin Improv solo

house jam with Jules galli

sherman Oaks


An impromptu cover of "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, chock full of feely solos with the best players. Alex Madison - vocals/guitar, Nazim Chambi - guitar, Koi Anunta - violin, Jordan Hoffman - bass, David Allen - drums, David Yuter - keyboards. Video by Steven Blasini.




"Devil went down to georgia" Live at ultimate Jam night @the Whisky

The Devil Went Down to F#$%ing Georgia, as performed tonight at Ultimate Jam Night #81 at the Whisky-A-Go-go by the absolutely amazing Matt Starr (Mr. Big), Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), Monte Pittman (Madonna), Matthew Jordan (Sabrina Carpenter), Christopher Allis (Denny Lane), Kevin Robinson (Peter Frampton) and me!! Video by Tom McGeoch.

on keyboards with Macy gray, the avalon, hollywood

with Jayne & otherside

house of blues, sunset strip