Here is a selection of recently released audio recordings and videos that feature my performances (violin, keys, or vocals). 

In love & War (rock) - instrumental, written by koi anunta

"USed to be" (Pop) by aj mitchell

(Released 6/16/17, 5.1 m views as of 10/1/17)

I had the huge honor of playing violin on this beautiful track produced by the incredible Jess Jackson (Tyga, Justin Bieber) thanks to the amazing badass multi-instrumentalist Nick Rosen (who also played the cello on this).

Very honored that a song I wrote, sang, and played on piano called "Mad Girl's Love Song" was chosen to be part of the soundtrack for the upcoming British film, "The Goodbye Girl." Here is the official trailer which features my song throughout! "The Goodbye Girl" is a film written, produced and directed by Aidey Pugh, starring Rik Garrad, Helen Tunnicliff, Millie-Grace Guy, Leon Child, Paul Jonah, Beverley Jacques & Tony Broadbent. Two years in the making, this will be premiered in late Summer 2017.

"Widowmaker" by Fire

So honored that my extremely talented friends Brett Copeland, Nazim Chambi, and Jordan Hoffman in the band Fire asked me to play on this amazing track produced by the great Val Garay. 

"Sotto voce" by Rome da luce with featured improvised violin solo

Hello, World!

In love & War - instrumentals, keys & violin - written by koi anunta

"Hold on" - how to destroy angels remix (electronic/industrial)

"Battlecry of freedom" - violin solo (soundtrack)

Rachel Quinn & the california Country Band

Veiled (electronic rock) - keyboards and violin